Corleone Online

2D game full of cars and guns!

Are you ready to embark on a dark, risky venture in a fresh new and ambitious 2D MMO game on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Explore the cities of Corleone Online and join hundreds of players in this thrilling battle to claim your reign over the cities! » PLAYER CUSTOMIZATION «
• Choose your gender, outfit, hats, guns, melees, weapons, items and more. Countless shops will satisfy your fashion cravings! » FRIEND OR FOE?« • Choose carefully who you roam around with, the laws of the street govern Corleone. • Mafia clan-system: Team up with up to 24 friends and join or create a mafia on your own and try to take over the game! Remember only you can choose who your enemies are and who your friends will be, but everyone want’s their share of the cake! » SOCIALIZE WITH THE COMMUNITY «
• Make friends or enemies, chat, message, interact with Corleone’s players and more. There will be plenty of options and actions to make each player play a key-role in the world of Corleone. » TODAY IS YOUR DAY «
• Travel through the map. • Explore the diverse cities and dive into the busy modern life of the 80’s. » BE THE CHAMPION «
•Make your way to the top leaderboards! This is just an insight of all the experiences that await you in Corleone!
There are tons of items, content, and bases waiting for you to be discovered.

How To Use:

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