Zombie Shooting Frontier Games

No nonsense zombie shooting game. Guns, zombies, shoot, head-shots. More maps, more guns. Enjoy your survival while it lasts. STAND & DEFEND
Moving is tiring. Survival is necessary. Zombies will come for you anyway, anyhow. Lots of them. Head into battle with the best survival skills. Choose the right gun, aim, shoot, and kill (oh, also, grenades!) CLASSIC & OBNOXIOUS GUNS All the guns you expect to find in a FPS game, realistic, well-oiled and calibrated. More interesting, weird, lethal assault guns. Just don’t go shooting yourself. We just added a **flame-thrower**! Please use with great care and do not burn yourself. ZOMBIES, DOZENS OF TYPES++ Zombie is a diverse race. Born from a virus, but no zombie is born equal. Some are fast. Some are strong. Some of the walking dead are just plainly annoying. Either way, they will assault you from the most unexpected corners. Recently we decided to double down and add more of the annoying zombie race 🙂 GREAT CASINO
Bravo, free stuff and spins for your entertainment! Spin the lucky wheels to collect bonus items, boosts, grenades, etc. to make you stronger. By the way, it’s a bit rigged, but what casino isn’t rigged??? Don’t be mad, have fun instead. GUN TRIAL
New addition. This is self-explanatory. We would love to give you the taste of the awesome guns we create. Line up your shot, pull the trigger and kill. The feature appears a bit randomly, but we love surprises. A LOT MORE Maps of the zombie frontier (hospitals, subway, canals (??!!), prisons, bridges, etc.) and stuffs (gadgets, special effects, our artists are cute). Pull the trigger on virus infected zombies. Explore the frontier, head into battle, survive the zombie apocalypse. Enjoy survival… if you can in DEAD TARGET. Download today and enjoy killing zombies. *** Check out our huge community on Facebook: Have a great idea to improve DEAD TARGET? Drop us an email: [email protected] ***TL,DR: Honestly we would rather you play DEAD TARGET and tell us what you enjoy, rather than us bragging about it to you. Happy shooting. ***

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