Script of Eternity

The MMORPG Masterpiece of 2018

The MMORPG Masterpiece of 2018. —- Features —-
On the back of a phoenix, explore a gorgeous realm of the Immortals, one that is painted by a team with 10+ years of experience! Rivaling PC-level animations and graphics, the game brings you into the world of Wuxia, the immortal heroes, and allows you to craft your own story on the journey to immortality! [Social] A first-rate social system that empowers you to make friends, find love and wage war! You can create a guild, or host your own wedding! This is a story, that’s all about YOU! You will always have companions by your side, wherever you go! [Exotic Fashion]
Have you dreamt of riding a Dragon? Dressing like an Empress/Emperor? Or owning an adorable Cat that will fight by your side? This is the game for you! [Random Encounter]
While traveling around Jianghu, enjoy some fun, mini stories. Every encounter is unique, empowering you to craft your own adventure! [Lavish Market]
A fair and free market system, which allows all players to trade goods!

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